another great night at The Greys 7th January 2002

click on the pictures for bigger version ........

The Greys
too many on stage!

The Greys - they tell me there may be bigger bars than this ...

The Audience

- sold out again!

A few too many on stage - Left to right - Rune, Paul Deakin (Mavericks), Kevin Montgomery, Dean Owens (Felsons), Robert Reynolds (Mavericks), Al Perkins (everyone)

Kevin and Al
fire hood

Kevin and Al Perkins on steel guitar - whadatreat!

Paul drumming my metal fire hood - I speak to him later regarding this ....

Kevin - not posing for a picture.

By the way Kevin's mother is the high voice on Elvis' Suspicious Minds and his father co-wrote loads of hits with Buddy Holly!

Al Perkins
the guv's back!
Kevin and Mike
Mr Perkins on guitar this time.

It's Andrew from Hot Records - Hot have released Kevin's album, Kevin and the back of my head. Note the sexy Chip Taylor T-shirt.

"Not boring you am I kev?"
set list


"See Paul this is a drum - that was my fireplace - am I making any sense here????..."

set list