1966, just left school ... me, a pal and a tent ...

Jeff Finlin

Apart from Arthur Brown - who else can I remember on the bill ?

Spencer Davis Group / The Who / The Move / Louis Jordan / Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band / ...

It was supposed to be the first appearance by Cream too. I must have seen Gary Farr & The T Bones too - good Brighton boys.

This site has an act listed as Louis Nelson - I thought it was Louis Jordan (found reference to Jazz act call Louis Nelson online and he died in the late 40s). At the festival the only Jazz act that really stuck in my mind was one that marched onto the stage from the back of the field and though the middle of the audience - they were great. Years later when I met my school mate again - he told me that was Louis Jordan! When Van Morrison said that all he listened to was Louis Jordan - I'd gone straight out and got an album ... Not knowing I'd seen him years earlier!

Me just a few years after this experience !!!

Hey! Another thing I remember - is people running on stage with the score every time a goal was scored ........... as England won the World Cup.